from ONE

It’s All for the Lord
by Dorothy Humanitzki
(From CNEWA WORLD March – April 2004)
Retired couple make a full-time job of helping the needy

CNEWA’s Bifurcation
by Msgr. Archimandrite Robert L. Stern
(From CNEWA WORLD March – April 2004)
From the Secretary General

Rebuilding Bethlehem
by Charles Miller, S.M.
(From CNEWA WORLD January – February 2002)
Despite a year of violence, individuals and organizations continue to offer help and hope.

Bringing Learning to Life
text and photographs by Sean Sprague
(From CNEWA WORLD May – June 2002)
A school in a suburb of Alexandria, Egypt, provides a sanctuary for learning and reason.

Poorest of the Poor
compiled by CNEWA WORLD staff
(From CNEWA WORLD July – August 2002)
Saving the children of Ethiopia is one man’s dream.

From Dust to Dignity
text and photographs by Sean Sprague
(From CNEWA WORLD November – December 2002)
Training for an independent life in Upper Egypt.

CNEWA at 75: The Beginning
text by Peg Maron
photographs: CNEWA Archives
(From CNEWA WORLD May – June 2001)
CNEWA – a true expression of the popes’ love and concern for the peoples and churches of the Near East.

CNEWA at 75: Decades of Turbulence
text by Peg Maron
photographs: CNEWA Archives
(From CNEWA WORLD July – August 2001)
Despite the Depression and world war, CNEWA provided care and support to those in need.

CNEWA at 75: A New Vision Is Formed
by Peg Maron
(From CNEWA WORLD September – October 2001)
A succession of gifted leaders bring their insight to the work of CNEWA.

CNEWA at 75: Into The Future
by Peg Maron
(From CNEWA WORLD November – December 2001)
CNEWA continues its good work under the aegis of Msgr. Robert L. Stern.

A World of Difference
by Msgr. Archimandrite Robert L. Stern
(From CNEWA WORLD May – June 2001)
CNEWA kicks in its 75th anniversary with a name change. Msgr. Robert Stern explains.

Pontifical Mission at 50
by Msgr. Robert L. Stern
(From Catholic Near East January – February 2000)
Msgr. Robert Stern reflects on the reason for the observance of the 50th anniversary of the Pontifical Mission for Palestine.

Pontifical Mission at 50: New York
prepared by CNEWA staff
photographs by Maria Bastone
(From Catholic Near East January – February 2000)
Dignitaries and long-time friends gather in New York City to commemorate the establishment of the Pontifical Mission.

The Life of a Leader
by Peg Maron
(From Catholic Near East July – August 2000)
We remember our President, John Cardinal O’Connor.

by Msgr. Robert L. Stern
(From Catholic Near East March – April 2000)
As our President prepares to depart, we remember his contributions and accomplishments.

Putting the Future in Their Hands
text by Diane Handal with photographs by Dalia Khamissy
(From ONE magazine September 2011)
A microcredit program improves lives in Lebanon

A Rascal for God
by Msgr. Robert L. Stern
(From Catholic Near East January – February 1998)
A reflection on the late Bishop John G. Nolan, former Secretary General of CNEWA.

Alleviating the Housing Woes of Jerusalem’s Christians
text by George Martin
photographs by Miriam Sushman
(From Catholic Near East July – August 1998)
CNEWA is making a world of difference for poor Christians living in the Old City.

Road to Paradise: Under Construction
by Marilyn Raschka
(From Catholic Near East May – June 1997)
Four villages in post-war Lebanon benefit from CNEWA’s Beirut office relief and resettlement program.

Standing Tall
by Brother Vincent Pelletier, F.S.C.
(From Catholic Near East July – August 1997)
The Eastern Catholic Church in Eritrea perseveres and progresses as it ministers to its people.

Abuzz in Lebanon
text and photographs by Marilyn Raschka
(From Catholic Near East November – December 1997)
A trip to Beit el-Fa’as village in Lebanon is more than just a sticky experience.

That All May Be One
by Msgr. Robert L. Stern
(From Catholic Near East March – April 1996)
A history of Catholic Near East Welfare Association, and why we help more than just the Near East.

Calling All Sponsors
text and photographs by Marilyn Raschka
(From Catholic Near East May – June 1996)
An update on CNEWA’s Needy Child Sponsorship Program in Beirut: There is still more work to do.

Days of Hope in Amman
compiled by CNEWA staff
photographs by Miriam Sushman
(From Catholic Near East November – December 1996)
The Pontifical Mission’s humanitarian and pastoral activities in Jordan continue to provide medical care to those in need.

A Man for All Seasons
by Peg Maron
(From Catholic Near East January – February 1995)
The first few turbulent but productive years of Msgr. Joseph T. Ryan’s tenure as President of the Pontifical Mission for Palestine and Secretary of CNEWA.

Supporting the Church in India
text by Kamini Desai Sanghvi
photos by Sister Christian Molidor, R.S.M.
(From Catholic Near East March – April 1995)
For decades, CNEWA has been in India, helping more than 25 million Christians. We’re still there.

The Congregation for the Eastern Churches and CNEWA
by Msgr. John F. McCarthy
(From Catholic Near East July – August 1995)
The Congregation for the Eastern Churches addresses the concerns of the Eastern and Latin churches. Today it partners with CNEWA to deliver aid.

Recollections of a Dauntless Dame
by Michael J.L. La Civita
(From Catholic Near East January – February 1994)
The editor’s interview with Miss Carol Hunnybun, the former administrator of our Jerusalem office.

All in the Family
by Brother David Carroll, F.S.C., Ph.D.
(From Catholic Near East September – October 1994)
A look at the families whose lives have been changed through the generosity of our benefactors.

Faces and Places of Catholic Near East
photos by Christian Molidor, R.S.M.
(From Catholic Near East May 1993)
Our Association’s “consultant at large” takes us on a tour of our world.

The Church and the United Nations: Working Together
by Peg Maron
(From Catholic Near East May 1993)
A two-day international roundtable addresses the needs of the world’s refugees.

Amazing Grace
by Sister Maureen Grady, C.S.C.
photos by Sr. Christian Molidor, R.S.M.
(From Catholic Near East July 1993)
Sister Maureen Grady, who concludes her service as Chief Operating Officer of the Pontifical Mission, reflects on her career.

by Msgr. Robert L. Stern
(From Catholic Near East September 1993)
At CNEWA, helping those in need can also be a lesson in priority-setting.

On Fire for the Cause of Christ
by Brother Austin David Carroll, F.S.C.
photos: CNEWA Archives, Graymoor, NY
(From Catholic Near East November 1993)
A tribute to Msgr. Thomas J. McMahon, National Secretary of CNEWA (1943-1955) and first President of the Pontifical Mission for Palestine.

Cardinal’s Middle East Trip Promotes Interfaith Fellowship
by Michael J. Healey
photos by Maria Bastone
(From Catholic Near East April 1992)
Traveling “without a portfolio,” John Cardinal O’Connnor bridges interfaith barriers in the Middle East.

Who Are We?
by Msgr. Robert L. Stern
(From Catholic Near East April 1992)
A brief history of CNEWA.

Benedict Mar Gregorios, India’s Renaissance Man
text and photos by Christian Molidor, R.S.M.
(From Catholic Near East April 1992)
A profile of the Syro-Malankara Catholic Archbishop of Trivandrum.

The Catholic Diplomat: Edmund A. Walsh, S.J.
by Michael J.L. La Civita
(From Catholic Near East October 1992)
A profile of Edmund A. Walsh, S.J., first president of Catholic Near East Welfare Association.

by Greg Kandra
(From ONE magazine November 2011)
Interview with Msgr. John E. Kozar

The Church in the Soviet Union
by Msgr. Robert L. Stern
photos: U.S.C.C.
(From Catholic Near East January 1991)
Msgr. Stern visits the Soviet Union on a fact-finding tour that proves fruitful for all concerned.

The Call of the East
by Michael J.L. La Civita
(From Catholic Near East October 1991)
A history of CNEWA and the work of its founder, Msgr. Richard Barry-Doyle.

Peace in the Middle East: The U.S. Bishops’ Statement
by Archbishop Roger M. Mahony
(From Catholic Near East January 1990)
Archbishop Mahoney discusses the National Conference of Catholic Bishops’ statement, “Toward Peace in the Middle East: Perspectives, Principles and Hopes.”

Made in Bethlehem
by Joseph Cornelius Donnelly
photos: CNEWA files
(From Catholic Near East September 1990)
Miles of olive groves and the hands of dedicated workers result in a valuable handicraft for the Holy Land.

Search for Brotherhood in the Christian Near East
by Thomas McHugh
(From Catholic Near East September 1990)
During a visit to CNEWA, Armenian Apostolic Catholicos Karekin II, Catholicos of the Great House of Cilicia, reflects on the status of Christianity in the Middle East.

Armenia, Tried and True
by Msgr. Robert L. Stern
(From Catholic Near East Spring 1989)
Thoughts on our brothers and sisters in that struggling country.

Always Making Good News
by Michael Healy
(From Catholic Near East Summer 1989)
For 40 years a unique papal mission has proclaimed the gospel through unfailing service in the lands of Jesus.

The Pontifical Mission for Palestine
by Brother Austin David, F.S.C.
photos: CNEWA files
(From Catholic Near East Summer 1989)
Five popes have maintained a unique mission to serve the displaced people of the Middle East. The mission’s role has grown to meet new challenges.

Letter from Archbishop Pio Laghi
(From Catholic Near East Summer 1989)

Our Journey Together
by Brother Austin David Carroll, F.S.C.
(From Catholic Near East August 1989)
The acknowledgement of unity within diversity is a necessary component of interfaith dialogue.

Pope addresses funding agencies
(From Catholic Near East August 1989)

John Cardinal O’Connor: A Hands-on President
by Gary Seibert, S.J.
photos by Thomas McHugh
(From Catholic Near East October 1989)
An update on the work of John Cardinal O’Connor, Archbishop of New York and President of CNEWA.

A Program for All Seasons
text and photos by Joseph Cornelius Donnelly
(From Catholic Near East October 1989)
The Middle East Educational Fellowship Program brings together peoples of all faiths to work together for peace.

Facing Facts in the Middle East
text and photos by Joseph Cornelius Donnelly
(From Catholic Near East October 1989)
A trip to the Middle East, to listen.

An Association in Mission
by Michael Healy
(From Catholic Near East Spring 1988)
CNEWA has always been a means by which people of East and West come together in expressing one faith.

From Withdrawal to Enthusiasm in Action
photographs by Sister Christian Molidor, R.S.M.
(From Catholic Near East Spring 1988)
Religious formation begins with the deepening of faith, which continues to mature throughout active lives of service.

Serving the People of the Holy Land
by Brother Austin David, F.S.C.
(From Catholic Near East Summer 1988)
CNEWA and the Pontifical Mission for Palestine have been caring for the needs of suffering Palestinians since 1949.

Visitor From Ethiopia
by Joseph Cornelius Donnelly
(From Catholic Near East Winter 1988)
Abba Weldermariam talks about the devastation in northern Ethiopia.

Mission and the Near East
by Monsignor John G. Nolan
photos by Sr. Christian Molidor, R.S.M.
(From Catholic Near East Fall 1987)
The living witness to Christianity in the lands of the first missionaries unites East and West.

“Suffer the Children to Come Unto Me”
by Michael Healy
photos by Sr. Christian Molidor, R.S.M.
(From Catholic Near East Magazine Spring 1987)
An update on CNEWA’s Child Sponsorship Program, and the children who need your help.

The Quiet Revolution
by Salil Tripathi and Rajul Mehta
photos: courtesy, National Council of Tourism in Lebanon
(From Catholic Near East Magazine Winter 1984)
CNEWA’s Needy Child Sponsorship Program improves the lives of an entire village.

In Memoriam
(From Catholic Near East Magazine Winter 1983)
In Memoriam: His Eminence Terence Cardinal Cooke.

by John E. Kozar
(From ONE March 2012)
Images from the world of CNEWA

To Save a Child
by Janet Butta
(From Catholic Near East Magazine Spring 1980)
CNEWA’s Needy Child Sponsorship Program continues to deliver hope to orphans and children of poverty.

Sacred Oriental Congregation
prepared by Catholic Near East staff
photos: Sacred Oriental Congregation
(From Catholic Near East Magazine Summer 1978)
With roots stretching back to the 16th century, the Sacred Oriental Congregation works toward a return to the ancient Eastern Church.

from News

CNEWA’s Gabriel Delmonaco on the Radio
web news (7 July 2011)
On 6 July, radio talk show hosts Scot Landry and Fr. Matt Williams of Boston’s The Good Catholic Life interviewed Gabriel Delmonaco, CNEWA’s vice president for development, about the agency’s projects, sponsorship programs and support for social service and religious institutions in the Middle East, Northeast Africa, India and Eastern Europe.

Presidential Sendoff
web news (14 September 2011)
After 26 years of dedicated service to CNEWA, Msgr. Archimandrite Robert L. Stern retired on 15 September.

U.S. Archbishops Dolan and O’Brien Named Cardinals
Catholic News Service (6 January 2012)
VATICAN CITY (CNS) Pope Benedict XVI named 22 new cardinals, including two from the United States, and announced a consistory for their formal induction on Feb. 18.

CNEWA President on Indian Vocations
Catholic News Service (16 March 2012)
WASHINGTON (CNS) — Vocations to the priesthood and religious life in India’s two Eastern Catholic communities are strong and a sign that the missionary spirit of St. Thomas the Apostle flourishes, said the president of the Catholic Near East Welfare Association.

CNEWA Benefactor, George Doty, Dies at 94
Catholic News Service (27 April 2012)
RYE, N.Y. (CNS) — Catholic philanthropist George Doty, a member of the Knights of Malta, died April 24 in New York at age 94. No cause of death was given.

Violence in Gaza
Catholic News Service (19 November 2012)
JERUSALEM (CNS) — The Israeli government and leaders of Hamas must make courageous decisions to end the violence that has once again forced residents of Southern Israel into their bomb shelters and residents of the Gaza Strip into their homes, said Auxiliary Bishop William Shomali of Jerusalem.

More Funds Needed as Syrians Flood Jordan
Catholic News Service (30 January 2013)
AMMAN, Jordan (CNS) — As frightened Syrian refugees flood into Jordan and other nearby countries, U.N. officials at a donor conference in Kuwait appealed to the international community for desperately needed funding for victims of the 22-month crisis.

Update on Iraq
Catholic News Service (7 June 2013)
VATICAN CITY (CNS) — Christians must help the people of Syria because “where there is suffering, Christ is present,” Pope Francis told representatives of Catholic aid agencies working in Syria and with Syrian refugees in neighboring countries.

Agency Seeks Donations for Emergency Aid for Fleeing Iraqi Christians
Catholic News Service (29 July 2014)
NEW YORK (CNS) — A U.S.-based international Catholic agency on 28 July issued a plea for emergency funds to help tens of thousands of Christians forced to flee their homes in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul.

CNEWA Launches Emergency Appeal to Aid Iraqi Christian Families in Flight
press release (8 August 2014)
Ottawa — Catholic Near East Welfare Association has launched a campaign to rush emergency assistance to more than 100,000 thousand Christians fleeing their homes in northern Iraq.

Catholic Aid Groups Hope Latest Israeli-Hamas Cease-Fire Holds
Catholic News Service (27 August 2014)
JERUSALEM (CNS) — Catholic aid organizations are hopeful that the most recent cease-fire between Israel and Hamas will hold as they begin to assess the needs in Gaza after 50 days of war.

Catholic aid agencies seek funds to assist minorities in Iraq, Syria
Catholic News Service (28 August 2014)
RYE, N.Y. (CNS) — Catholic organizations in the United States have launched public appeals to fund assistance to Christians and other religious minorities displaced in Iraq and Syria.

Aid Official Says Gazans Cautious, Worry That Nothing Has Changed
Catholic News Service (5 September 2014)
JERUSALEM (CNS) — Gazans are frustrated that, despite all the sacrifice and loss of life, nothing has changed for them, except perhaps having more fishing rights, said a Catholic aid official.

Advocate Because You Care, Not for Political Votes
Catholic News Service (16 September 2014)
Responding to editors’ requests for a regular sampling of current commentary from around the Catholic press, here is a 15 September column titled “The Cry of the Persecuted: Advocate Because You Care, Not for Political Votes” that appears on the Patheos website, It was written by Michael J.L. La Civita, who joined Catholic Near East Welfare Association in 1989 and is the papal agency’s communications director. He also is a knight commander of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem.

CNEWA Officials Look at Long-Term Needs of Lebanon’s Refugees
Catholic News Service (26 January 2015)
BEIRUT (CNS) — Officials of a pontifical aid agency said they saw much that needed done in Lebanon — if they could get beyond crisis mode.

Catholic Aid Group Helps Displaced Syrian Christians
Catholic News Service (2 March 2015)
BEIRUT (CNS) — A pontifical aid organization has begun sending aid to families who fled their homes when Islamic State militants raided a cluster of Assyrian Christian villages on the Khabur River in northeast Syria.

A Year After War, Gazans Persist at Rebuilding — With Help of Aid Groups
Catholic News Service (17 July 2015)
KHAN YOUNIS, Gaza Strip (CNS) — Fawzi Abu Jame’a had finally finished building his family’s dream home just eight months before the beginning of the war between Israel and Hamas, the Islamic party that governs Gaza. Unable to work because of diabetes, Jame’a had borrowed money from friends to buy the last materials he needed, but he believed it was worth it. His two children could play inside without being seen by Israeli soldiers watching from the border less than a mile away.

from Blog Content

CNEWA's Roots Are Showing

Explosion Near CNEWA's Beirut Office
Explosion in Beirut, Lebanon

We're glad you're here ...

CNEWA Helps One Woman Stand On Her Own Two Feet
Every now and then, we hear stories of how CNEWA has been able to help people in surprising, sometimes unexpected ways. This week, we heard about one case -- involving three countries, one young woman and one generous family.

A CNEWA Donor for 70 Years
One of CNEWA's longest-running donors shares his thoughts.

Presidential Sendoff
After 26 years of dedicated service to CNEWA, Msgr. Archimandrite Robert L. Stern is retiring today.

A Good Priest
Sister Christian Molidor reflects on Msgr. Stern's impact on CNEWA and their great friendship.

Welcome to CNEWA!
Msgr. John E. Kozar addressed the New York staff this morning. (photo: Erin Edwards)

Your Letters: “A Gift and An Inspiration”
Gabriel Delmonaco shares his fondness for receiving letters from donors and others interested in the work of CNEWA.

In India, 15,000 Evangelists
M.L. Thomas, Regional Director for India; Thomas Varghese, Executive Director, India; Bishop Joseph Kunnath, CMI; and Msgr. John Kozar, President, CNEWA. (Photo: Deacon Greg Kandra)

Picture of the Day: A Cardinal Comes to Call
Msgr. John Kozar, President of CNEWA, enjoys a laugh with Cardinal Sean P. O'Malley, O.F.M. Cap. (Photo: Erin Edwards)

A Milestone: Fifty Years and Five Popes
A member of CNEWA's family receives a papal award for 50 years of service.

People You Meet Along the Way
Bob Pape, CNEWA's Director of Major Gifts, shares his view on how important every person you meet can be to your journey in faith.

CNEWA on "Catholic Matters"
Earlier this week, our own Father Guido Gockel, Vice President for the Middle East and Europe, appeared on "Catholic Matters," a program on the Guadalupe Radio Network.

One-on-One with Msgr. Kozar
Some outtakes from our One-on-One interview with CNEWA president, Msgr. Kozar.

CNEWA is a star — actually, four!
CNEWA has received the highest rating on the respected charity-evaluating organization, Charity Navigator.

Journey to the Holy Land: Arriving in Lebanon
Msgr. John Kozar shares his impressions and thoughts on his maiden visit to the Middle East as CNEWA's president.

Journey to the Holy Land: Light and Life in Lebanon
Msgr. John Kozar reports on the events of the second day of his pastoral visit to the Middle East.

This morning, on the Feast of the Epiphany, Pope Benedict XVI named 22 new cardinals — including four with close ties to CNEWA.

The Cardinal-Designate Drops By
CNEWA President John E. Kozar welcomed Cardinal-Designate Timothy M. Dolan to CNEWA's offices this afternoon for an annual board meeting.

Catholics and Muslims Work Together
In a time when great media attention is given to conflicts between Muslims and others, I attended a conference yesterday that was a real eye opener.

Picture of the Day: Now Hear This
A young student at the Ephpheta Institute responds to hearing a new sound through an external hearing device. (photo: John E. Kozar)

Picture of the Day: A Knight in the Holy Land
Just days before he is scheduled to become a cardinal in Rome, Archbishop Timothy Dolan of New York is making a pilgrimage to the Holy Land.

In Memoriam: Ato Feleke
Several days ago, we heard some sad news. A beloved member of our Ethiopian staff, Ato Feleke, passed away suddenly.

Picture of the Day: Quenching the Thirst for Life in Lebanon
Hana Habshi sits in the unfinished St. Charbel's Maronite Catholic Church in the village of Deir El Ahmar, Lebanon. (photo: Laura Boushnak)

Hope and Comfort in a Divided City
Accompanied by a group of friends and benefactors, CNEWA's Father Guido Gockel, M.H.M., and Gabriel Delmonaco met with the regional director for Israel and Palestine, Sami El-Yousef.

A Trip Cut Short
Life is complicated. It is a constant battle between good and evil and CNEWA is there, planting many good seeds.

An Archbishop Visits
Archbishop Raphael Minassian pays a visit to CNEWA's New York offices.

A World Without Water
Journalist Don Duncan shares his perspective on Lebanon's water woes while reporting for the January edition of ONE magazine.

In the Footsteps of St. Thomas: Reaching Out to the "Untouchables"
In this photo taken in 2007, Tomy and Elsama Runnanthanamy are seen by their family's hut. Thanks to a house building project funded by CNEWA and implemented by Diocese of Kottayam Social Services in villages of Wayanad district, Kerala, they

Celebrating Sisters — The Survival Kits for Humanity
Sister Christian Molidor reflects on the impact of Sisters to the world on International Women's Day.

In the Footsteps of St. Thomas: Journey's End
Msgr. John Kozar reports on the events of the 11th and final day of his pastoral visit to India.

Picture of the Day: A Special Girl
A photo of Sally, a young Iraqi Christian in Jordan, taken in April 2010. (photo: Gabriel Delmonaco)

CNEWA Donor Meets Priest She's Supported for 20 Years
CNEWA donor Mabel Caron finally meets her "priest son."

Celebrating Laywomen
Beth Clausnitzer considers the role of laywomen in CNEWA's mission.

Living in Limbo
Long-time CNEWA staffer, Joseph Hazboun was recently interviewed by the Catholic News Service from our Jerusalem office.

Picture of the Day: A Monsignor Behind the Camera
Msgr. Kozar captured this image of a sister at the Italian Hospital in Kerak, Jordan, during his visit to the Holy Land last December. (photo: John E. Kozar)

The Struggles of Syria's Christians
With the situation in Syria worsening by the day, Tom Gallagher of the National Catholic Reporter this week interviewed by e-mail CNEWA's Issam Bishara, regional director for Lebanon, Syria and Egypt.

You've Got Holy Week
Cardinal Timothy Dolan — CNEWA's chair and New York's Archbishop — has posted the video below on AOL: his message to the faithful for Holy Week.

Picture of the Day: Steps for Success
Residents of Palai Girls' Town in Kerala perform on stage. (photo: John E. Kozar)

Picture of the Day: Going Home
A mother and child visit the site where their new home will be built in the village of Podiyattuvila, Kerala .(photo: John E. Koza

Remembering George Doty
Long-time CNEWA benefactor George Doty died 24 April 2012.

Picture of the Day: A Refuge in Lebanon
A Syrian family arrives at an army checkpoint in northern Lebanon on 27 March. (photo: CNS/Afif Diab, Reuters)

Take Five: 5 Things You Didn't Know About CNEWA's Archive
CNEWA archivist, Annie Grunow shares some little known facts about CNEWA's extensive archive.

Picture of the Day: A Visitor From Calcutta Comes to CNEWA
Mother Teresa speaks to CNEWA staff members during a visit in October 1970. (photo: CNEWA Archive )

Picture of the Day: An Old Friend Comes to Visit
From left, Cardinal Timothy Dolan, Msgr. John Kozar and Msgr. Robert Stern spoke to CNEWA staff members yesterday at a luncheon. (photo: Erin Edwards)

Picture of the Day: A Cheerful Welcome
Children at the Meganese Catholic School, directed by the Capuchin Fathers, cheerfully greet CNEWA visitors. (photo: John E. Kozar )

Picture of the Day: Where Help is on the Menu
In this photo taken in 2003, a woman eats at a soup kitchen run by Caritas Georgia, a social service agency of the Catholic Church in Tbilisi, Georgia. (photo: Dima Chikvaidze)

Take Five: 5 Reasons to Subscribe to ONE
Those who like to follow events in the world of CNEWA can find frequent updates here at ONE-TO-ONE, on our website and in the online edition of our award-winning magazine ONE.

Take Five: 5 Things that Happen When You Give to CNEWA
A resident of the Kidane Mehret Children's Home in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, studies. (photo: John E. Kozar)

Picture of the Day: A Church Restored
A man makes an icon at the Immaculate Conception Church in Jordan, which is undergoing major restoration sponsored by CNEWA. (photo: John E. Kozar)

Picture of the Day: School's Out for the Summer
Campers have fun in the healing mineral waters of the Nunisi resort in central Georgia. (photo: Justyna Mielnikiewicz)

Take Five: CNEWA's Fab Five
Left to right, Aleena Gichie, Eileen Fay, Janet Pascual, Teresa Cardone and Beth Clausnitzer of Donor Services pose for a portrait. (photo: Erin Edwards)

ONE Takes Top Prize at Catholic Press Awards
ONE magazine took home 20 awards from the Catholic Press Association's 2012 award ceremony.

Take Five: Five Places You May Find CNEWA
Melodie Gabriel, of the CNEWA Canada office, describes 5 regions where CNEWA works in this week's "Take Five."

A Special Visitor from India
Bishop Yoohanon Mar Chrysostom of the Syro-Malankara Catholic Eparchy of Pathanamthitta, left, visits with Msgr. John Kozar at CNEWA's New York office. (photo: Erin Edwards)

Take Five: Five Inspirational Stories
Msgr. Kozar takes a stroll with a nun at the Atse Tekla Ghirogis School in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. (photo: CNEWA)

What is CNEWA? [VIDEO]
A video that takes a look at some of the people and places CNEWA serves.

Picture of the Day: Service in Dialogue With Truth and Love
Cardinal George Alencherry discusses the growth of the Syro-Malabar Catholic Church while visiting CNEWA's New York offices.

Picture of the Day: CNEWA Family in Ethiopia
Msgr. Kozar met with CNEWA office staff in Addis Ababa. Left to right, Tazanesh, a sponsorship clerk, Megnote, an accountant, Rahel, a receptionist and Meseret, a sponsorship clerk. (photo: CNEWA)

Picture of the Day: Bearing Witness
Deacon Greg Kandra discusses the visit of Major Archbishop Baselios Mar Cleemis, of the Syro-Malankara Catholic Church, to CNEWA's New York offices.

Bethlehem University Honored with International Award
Bethlehem University received The International Federation of Catholic Universities' Sciat vt Serviat Award last month.

Take Five: 5 Ways CNEWA Supports the Disabled
Five CNEWA-supported institutions for people with disabilities.

Growing Numbers Flee Syria
The New York Times documents the tragic circumstances of Syrian refugees.

Picture of the Day: Educating Ethiopia's Children
CNEWA has been a longtime supporter of the The Kidane Mehret Children's Home and School in Ethiopia. (photo: Gabriel Delmonaco)

"It's Worth It to Seek Some Kind of Unity"
CNEWA's Msgr. John Kozar was in Canada last week for the meeting the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops.

Picture of the Day: A Lifeline to Armenia
Nikolay Vakulin and Melkonian Haykaz exercise in the yard of the shelter for elders run by Caritas Austria. (photo: Justyna Mielnikiewicz)

Picture of the Day: Little Miracles
Children greet Msgr. Kozar on his visit to St. Anthony's Dayssadan, a home for children with physical disabilities run by the Preshitharam Sisters. (photo: John Kozar)

Take 5: Five Web Sites Worth Visiting Every Day
If you want to keep up with what's happening in CNEWA's world, some of the best resources are literally at your fingertips

Take 5: Five Things in CNEWA's Online Annual Report
This year, for the first time, we've posted our consolidated Annual Report as an interactive multimedia feature online.

More CNEWA Cardinals
Pope Benedict XVI today announced the naming of six new cardinals, including two with whom CNEWA works closely.

Take Five: 5 CNEWA Cardinals
Pope Benedict XVI will create six new cardinals next month — including two with ties to CNEWA.

Let There Be Light
As many of you probably heard, we had some stormy weather here in New York this week.

Picture of the Day: I Thirst
Children drink water from a well at their school in Kunkuri, Madhya Pradesh, India. (photo: Sean Sprague)

Picture of the Day: Pressing Issues
Last December, Monsignor John Kozar visited olive processing mill in Kobayat, Lebanon during his pastoral visit to the Middle East.

Take Five: 5 Ways CNEWA is Helping Syrian Refugees
A report this morning indicated there could be half a million refugees by next spring.

Page One: Headlines for 11/19/12
Stories of interest for the day.

Gaza: When Will This Madness Stop?
It is amazing how, in the absence of a true and just peace in our region, a situation can turn upside down practically overnight.

Picture of the Day: Reasons to Smile
Msgr. John Kozar caught this charming smile during his visit to the Kidane Mehret Children's Home in Ethiopia in April 2012. (photo: Msgr. John Kozar)

A Taste of Christmas
The only way you can get an authentic Racine Danish Kringle is if you are in Racine, Wisconsin.

2012: It's A Wrap
We’ve just posted online the final issue of ONE for 2012.

Hope for Refugees
My colleague Antin and I travelled to the city of Toronto last month to attend the 2nd National Catholic Conference on Resettlement.

Life in a Syrian Refugee Camp
"Without Aid, Conditions Would Be Much Worse"

On our first day, we headed up to northern Jordan where we met with Syrian refugees living in camps.

Page One: Headlines for 1/14/13
Stories of interest for the day.

CNEWA in Rome
Carl Hétu describes the recent reception CNEWA co-hosted in Italy.

CNEWA in the News
A roundup of CNEWA's recent media coverage.

"Oh, woman, great is thy faith!"
Major gifts officer Bob Pape shares an anecdote of a strikingly selfless donor.

The Meaning of Lent
Msgr. Kozar shares some thoughts on Lent.

A Word from the President
Msgr. Kozar reflects on the papal resignation.

What Are You Doing for Lent?
It’s one week after Ash Wednesday. How is your Lent going?

Take 5: Five Things About One of CNEWA's Best-Kept Secrets
Cristina Tortalla, CNEWA's coordinator of corporate matching gifts, shares some facts about her specialty.

What’s the Secret to a Long Life?
If you really want a longer life, I have the secret for you: Annuities.

The Way of the Cross
Bradley H. Kerr extends an offer: a booklet containing the Way of the Cross prayer and meditations composed by Pope Benedict XVI.

Take Five: 5 Signs of Hope for Mothers and Newborns
Megan Knighton, a charitable giving advisor for CNEWA, shares some of the agency's successes in improving the lives of mothers and infants.

"Our Concern Is for All the People Caught in the Middle"
Catholic News Agency profiled some of the urgent work CNEWA is doing right now, particularly in the Middle East.

"The Faithful Are Desperate for a Sign of Hope"
CNEWA President Msgr. John E. Kozar discusses the churches and people of the Middle East, and asks that we all consider sharing a sign of hope.

Knight Watch
The Catholic World Report recently offered a special report on the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem -- an ancient charitable order that has close ties to CNEWA.

My Heroes
It's not every day you meet real life heroes. But I'd like to tell you about some I've met in my travels.

CNEWA's Women: "Opening the Doors to the Lord"
Aleena Gichie discusses the important work performed by women in CNEWA's world.

It's finally here!
The Spring 2013 edition of ONE is now available online, and will hit mailboxes soon.

“Keep Gaza and Its People in Your Prayers”
Sami El-Yousef, CNEWA's regional director for Palestine and Israel, paid a visit to Gaza from 22-24 April. An excerpt of his report follows.

Jordan's Oasis of Hope
With the crisis in Syria growing worse by the day, one beacon of hope remains the CNEWA-supported Italian Hospital in nearby Kerak, Jordan. Recently, Asia News profiled the hospital and the Comboni sisters who run it.

Picture of the Day: Practice and Promise in Palestine
One of the important works of CNEWA is spotlighted in the Spring 2013 issue of ONE, which looks at youth centers in Palestine.

Picture of the Day: "They Are Heroes"
In the current issue of ONE, Msgr. John E. Kozar reflects on the importance of religious sisters.

31 Years of Mercy
On this date 31 years ago, CNEWA’s Mother of Mercy Clinic opened in the Jordanian city of Zerqa.

Thank You!
Msgr. John Kozar and the CNEWA staff welcomed local members of the CNEWA family to our New York office this morning.

Encountering Holy Land Christians: Our Journey Begins
Melodie Gabriel, a development assistant with CNEWA Canada, shares some thoughts on the first stops along the CNEWA/CWL visit to the Holy Land.

ONE Wins Top Honors at Catholic Press Awards
CNEWA's magazine ONE took home a record-shattering 22 prizes -- including First Place for General Excellence -- at the 2013 Catholic Press Association awards.

Picture of the Day: Rescued From the Trash
This baby girl was found in a garbage can. Now she's loved and cared for by the sisters of the Holy Family Children's Home (photo: CNEWA)

Encountering Holy Land Christians: Mass in Arabic
Carl Hétu and the others attend Mass in a Latin parish of Reineh, a small village near Nazareth.

Page One: Headlines for 7/12/13
Stories of interest for the day.

Picture of the Day: A Prayer for the Homeless
Residents pray in the chapel of the Sacred Scripture Social Message Into Living Experience community or SSSMILE, in Vettikkuzi in southwestern India.

Shedding Light on a "Shadow War" Targeting Christians
Today, the National Catholic Reporter’s John Allen turned a spotlight on a “shadow war” that analysts say is targeting Christians in Syria.

Page One: Headlines for 7/19/13
Stories of interest for the day.

Farewell and Peace, Sister Christian
Today, we received word that a beloved member of our CNEWA family, Sister Christian Molidor, R.S.M., had died.

“Al Taught Me a Lot About Living the Gospel”
CNEWA Major Gift Officer Norma Intriago shares her recollections of late CNEWA donor Al Lagan.

Encountering Holy Land Christians:
Supporting Christian Livelihood

Melodie Gabriel discusses how CNEWA/C.W.L. members made a point to support Christian businesses on their visit to the Holy Land.

Encountering Holy Land Christians:
Arab Palestinian Christians in Israel

Carl Hétu recalls an encounter from the recent CNEWA/C.W.L. pilgrimage to the Holy Land.

Summer Edition of ONE Arrives!
Check out the second quarterly issue of ONE for 2013, spotlighting children in need in the areas CNEWA serves!

Celebrating a Special Mass at CNEWA
Next Wednesday, 28 August, Msgr. Kozar and the staff of CNEWA’s New York office will celebrate Mass for the special intentions of our donors. If you have a special prayer intention that you would like included, please submit it to the address below!

Father Elias on Egypt
Yesterday, Currents, a program on the Diocese of Brooklyn’s NET NY television station, aired an interview with a familiar face — CNEWA’s own Rev. Elias Mallon.

Picture of the Day: Let Us Pray
Msgr. John E. Kozar, CNEWA's president, celebrates Mass in our New York offices for the intentions of our donors. (photo: CNEWA)

Tweet, Tweet from the Vatican
Carol Glatz at Catholic News Service has put together what she calls the "Vatican Tweet Book," with twitter handles for "Vatican VIPs" — and she's included us!

Picture of the Day: Friendship
Jordanian boys catch their breath during playtime at Our Lady of Peace Center in Jordan. (photo: Bill Lyons)

A Visit With the “Golden Lions” in Atlanta
CNEWA's Bob Pape visits the Golden Lions of St. Pius X Catholic High School in Atlanta to discuss Christians in the Middle East.

Have You Seen ONE Yet?
The Autumn issue of ONE is now online!

Making Friends in the Bekaa Valley
CNEWA’s president, Msgr. John E. Kozar, and chief communications officer, Michael La Civita, are making a round of pastoral visits in Lebanon this week.

Picture of the Day: Hair and Now
The Godano Rehabilitation Project, which serves about 140 women under the age of 20, offers computer and beauty-school classes. (photo: Cody Christopulos)

Candles and Loofas
CNEWA Chief Communications Officer Michael La Civita shares details from his ongoing trip to Lebanon, Armenia and Georgia.

Prayers for My Dear Edith
Michael La Civita pays respects to a beloved member of the CNEWA family.

Picture of the Day: A Roof Over Their Heads
a family left homeless by the December 2004 tsunami settles in to a new house, thanks to CNEWA’s generous donors. (photo: Christian Molidor, R.S.M.)

Before I Leave for Bethlehem…
Msgr. John E. Kozar, CNEWA's president, celebrates Mass in our New York offices for the intentions of our donors. (photo: CNEWA)

Picture of the Day: Helping to Hoof It
In this 2007 image, 26-year-old Hanna Mouhamma, a beneficiary of CNEWA's microcredit program, walks with a young calf on his farm in northeastern Lebanon. (photo: Sarah Hunter)

An Update on CNEWA’s Work in Syria
Msgr. John E. Kozar, CNEWA's president, introduces a report on matters on the ground in Syria.

First Look: The Winter Issue of ONE
Our Winter issue of ONE magazine is now online!

Picture of the Day: Tools of the Trade
An anesthesiologist waits for his patient in St. Raphael's Hospital in Baghdad. (photo: Sherrlyn Borkgren)

“I Hope I Can Make a Positive Contribution”
Mira Kaldany, a 25-year-old woman from Lebanon, has been volunteering at CNEWA's New York offices. Here, she writes about her background and her experience.

Seeing Christianity in India Through a New Lens
Jose Jacob is a photographer based in India. He's covered several assignments for ONE, and wanted to share with our readers how that work has affected him.

Picture of the Day: Sew Far, Sew Good
A Gaza City woman works a sewing machine in a dressmaking class hosted by the the Near East Council of Churches. (photo: Eman Mohammed)

A Priest in Ukraine:
Hearing Confessions of Those About to Die

Catholic priests and sisters have shown extraordinary courage throughout the ongoingcrisis in Ukraine.

Spring in Our Step: A Video Preview of ONE
Msgr. John E. Kozar, CNEWA's president, introduces the Spring edition of ONE.

Picture of the Day: Jordan's Next Generation
CNS recently paid a visit to the site where Jesus was baptized and looked at efforts to preserve Christian identity in Jordan.

Update From Gaza
Judith Sudilovsky shares an update on the status of Gaza and how CNEWA is helping the people of this beleaguered city.

Footsteps of Francis in Pictures
Melodie Gabriel shares a story from CNEWA Canada’s recent visit to the Holy Land with members of the Catholic Women’s League.

"The Needs Are Overwhelming"

The crisis facing Christians in Iraq shows no sign of abating.

Visitors From Ukraine
This morning, a couple of visitors from Ukraine stopped by our New York offices: Rev. Volodymyr Malchyn of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church and his wife, Olena.

CNEWA Rushes Aid to Displaced Iraqi Families

To alleviate the suffering of some 100,000 homeless Iraqi Christians, Msgr. John E. Kozar, president of CNEWA, is rushing $75,000 to partners in northern Iraq for urgently needed relief efforts.

Summer Edition of ONE Is Here!
The summer edition of ONE is now online and will be hitting mailboxes in short order!

Page One: Headlines for 8/28/14
Stories of interest for the day.

In Gaza, “This Is a Window of Opportunity”
Catholic aid organizations — including CNEWA — are hoping the latest cease-fire between Israel and Hamas will hold.

Picture of the Day: Preserving Christianity
What does it mean to defend Christians in the Middle East?

Report: CNEWA’s Work in Syria
CNEWA’s regional director for Lebanon, Syria and Egypt, Michel Constantin, has just filed a comprehensive report on Syria that highlights this agency’s activities on behalf of Syrian families displaced within Syria and those now living in Lebanon.

Canada's Office for Religious Freedom Awards Grants for CNEWA in Ukraine
Canada’s Office for Religious Freedom has announced funds in the amount of $226,630 for CNEWA Canada’s projects in Ukraine.

Page One: Headlines for 10/27/14
Stories of interest for the day.

A Vatican Decree on the Eastern Churches, 50 Years Later
Recently, CNEWA Canada's Antin Sloboda and I attended a conference at the Unviersity of Toronto which examined one of the documents of Vatican II.

Picture of the Day: The Children of Iraq
Refugee children gather in a shelter for displaced Iraqis in northern Iraq. (photo: Ra’ed Bahou)

Breaking in Syria:
Aid From CNEWA Reaches Families

A displaced Syrian girl finds temporary shelter at a school in Damascus, Syria, on 23 February. (photo: CNS/Youssef Badawi, EPA)

Remembering Cardinal Egan
We join our prayers today with so many others being offered for the repose of New York’s retired archbishop, Cardinal Edward Egan. Many will be gathering at St. Patrick’s Cathedral for his funeral this afternoon.

CNEWA Rushes Aid to Middle East Christians
The president of CNEWA, Msgr. John E. Kozar, has authorized the immediate release of $686,000 to assist the Christian community in the Middle East as part of CNEWA’s ongoing commitment to the region’s churches...

ONE Wins First Place at Catholic Press Awards
We're pleased and proud to report that CNEWA's multimedia magazine ONE took home top honors at the Catholic Press Association.

Msgr. Kozar in Ukraine
On Saturday, CNEWA President Msgr. John E. Kozar participated in a pilgrimage to Zarvanytsia, Ukraine. There, he spoke before a crowd of hundreds, sharing a message of solidarity with those suffering in this time of war.

Page One: Headlines for 9/29/15
Stories of interest for the day.

Life Among the Refugees in Jordan
Writer Jennifer Tomshack at the Vision Vocation Network traveled recently to Jordan .

The Face of CNEWA
Deacon Greg Kandra writes in from California, where he and Chris Kennedy visited a longtime donor.

Spring has Sprung!
The spring edition of ONE magazine is here!

90 Years, 90 Heroes:
Peg Maron

Some of the heroes in our CNEWA family have walked the halls here in New York. One of them was Peg Maron, a woman who worked in our communications department.

90 Years, 90 Heroes:
Brother Donald Mansir, F.S.C.

One of the many unsung heroes in CNEWA’s story is Brother Donald Mansir, F.S.C., a man who helped give new life to one of Christianity’s holiest sites...

90 Years, 90 Heroes:
Pope Pius XI

Pope Pius XI, CNEWA’s founder, was born 159 years ago today. (photo: CNEWA)

‘Religious Journalism at Its Best’:
ONE Honored for General Excellence at Catholic Press Awards

CNEWA’s multimedia magazine ONE once again took top honors at the Catholic Press Association awards dinner on Friday.

90 Years, 90 Heroes:
Bob Baker

Many of the unsung heroes in CNEWA’s world are donors who never seek attention, but make an extraordinary difference in the lives of others through their generosity. They are people like Bob Baker.

90 Years, 90 Heroes:
Rev. Edmund A. Walsh, S.J.

The Rev. Edmund A. Walsh, S.J., was the first papal-appointed president of Catholic Near East Welfare Association and a tireless benefactor of the churches and peoples of the East.

90 Years, 90 Heroes:
Imad Abou Jaoude

Imad Abou Jaoude, a young civil engineer, joined CNEWA in our Beirut office in January 2000...

Something Special for Autumn
The Autumn 2016 edition of ONE magazine is now online! This special issue shines a spotlight on the churches of the East in a way ONE has never done before...

90 Years, 90 Heroes:
Bishop George Calavassy

Greek Catholic Bishop George Calavassy’s requests for aid for his church, taxed by a refugee crisis following World War I, led to the creation of CNEWA...

Sami El-Yousef on Gaza in La Stampa
esterday, in its Vatican Insider section, the Italian daily newspaper La Stampa published an interview with Sami El-Yousef, CNEWA’s regional director for Palestine and Israel.

CNEWA Visits Connecticut
Saturday morning, CNEWA paid a visit to the Archdiocese of Hartford. We dropped by the Archdiocesan Center at St. Thomas Seminary in Bloomfield, Connecticut to speak to deacons and their wives about the ongoing crisis in the Middle East...

90 Years, 90 Heroes:
Constantine Dabbagh

Constantine Dabbagh was a key collaborator with CNEWA for many years, spearheading efforts to help the poor in Gaza...

‘Let There Be Light’: CNEWA Visits Massachusetts
Deacon Greg Kandra and Christopher Kennedy visited the National Shrine of Our Lady of La Salette in Attleboro, Massachusetts.

90 Years, 90 Heroes:
Cardinal John J. O’Connor

Cardinal John J. O’Connor, archbishop of New York and chair of Catholic Near East Welfare Association from January 1984 until his death in May 2000, was a lion, a man who “said it like it was.”

CNEWA on Canadian TV:
'The World Needs an Infusion of Love'

CNEWA Canada's national director, Carl Hétu, appeared on the popular Canadian program "Breakfast Television Montreal" earlier this week.

The East Heads West:
CNEWA Visits the L.A. Religious Ed Congress

CNEWA Visits the L.A. Religious Ed Congress

Page One: Headlines for 3/21/17
Stories of interest for the day.

Pictures of the Day
Lebanon Day Two: Seeing Hope

Philip Eubanks shares reflections on the current trip to Lebanon.

Teens Raise Thousands for CNEWA’s Work with
Syrian Refugees

It sounded like a nice idea that might raise a little money and get some attention.

Magazine of the Year:
ONE Wins Record 31 Awards from Catholic Press Association

CNEWA’s flagship quarterly magazine, ONE, took top honors, including Magazine of the Year (in the mission magazine category) at the 2017 Catholic Press Association awards last week in Quebec City, Canada.

‘Solidarity in Suffering’:
Join Us in Praying for Persecuted Christians

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops has designated this Sunday, the Feast of Christ the King, as a day of prayer for persecuted Christians, and next week as a time to raise awareness.

Journey to Lebanon:
Cardinal Dolan Arrives in Beirut

This week, CNEWA’s chair Cardinal Timothy Dolan is making a pastoral visit to Lebanon, accompanied by other bishops and CNEWA staffers from the United States, Canada and the Middle East.

Journey to Lebanon:
In Seminarians We See ‘A Young, Vibrant Church’

Continuing his pastoral visit to Lebanon, CNEWA’s chair, Cardinal Timothy Dolan, visited St. Joseph Seminary and filed this inspiring look at the next generation of priests.

Pictures of the Day: Joy in Lebanon
CNEWA’s Michael J.L. LaCivita, traveling with our contingent in Lebanon, filed these wonderful images today.

Stories From the Field:
Sewing Clothes — and Sowing Hope — in India’s Slums

We recently received this update on a wonderful program CNEWA support from our regional director in India, M.L. Thomas

Journey to Lebanon:
‘They Feel Hopeless, They Feel Forgotten’

From Lebanon, the CNEWA team, led by Cardinal Timothy Dolan, offers a powerful look at what so many in that corner of the world are living with, and how CNEWA is seeking to lift them up from despair to hope.

Journey to Lebanon:
‘Lebanon is Hope’

CNEWA’s chair Cardinal Timothy Dolan wrapped up his trip to Lebanon Wednesday and sent along this heartfelt tribute to the country and its people — describing how Lebanon represents both Good Friday and Easter Sunday.

Picture of the Day:
Refugees in Lebanon Meet a Visitor From Canada

Archbishop J. Michael Miller of Vancouver, British Columbia, meets with Iraqi Christian refugees on 14 April in Beirut. (photo: Carl Hetu/CNEWA)

Stories From the Field:
The Priestly Adventure in India’s ‘Great North’

This morning, we were privileged to welcome to CNEWA’s New York offices Archbishop Kuriakose Bharanikulangara, who heads the Syro-Malabar Eparchy of Faridabad in India.

Stories From the Field:
Welcoming a New Life in Jordan

The CNEWA team in Amman, Jordan, was happily surprised recently by a small visitor — one who owes her life, in no small part, to CNEWA’s donors. We’d like you to meet one of our success stories, 2-month-old Mariam.

Picture of the Day:
Melkite Archbishop Visits CNEWA in Amman

ONE Wins:
Magazine Takes Top Honors at 2018 Catholic Press Awards

CNEWA’s magazine wins awards

Summer Is Here — and So Is ONE
Previewing our magazine

Page One: Headlines for 7/9/18
Stories of interest for the day

Picture of the Day: Say 'Ah'
How CNEWA cares for others and evangelizes

CNEWA Connections:
CNEWA, Charity and Christian Love in Action

How CNEWA exemplifies charity

Picture of the Day: Among the Disciples
Visiting a parish in Washington state

Picture of the Day: A Sample of Portland
CNEWA visits Oregon

A Parish in Oklahoma Supports
Suffering Families Through CNEWA

An Oklahoma parish sends its support to CNEWA

A Donor Writes from Prison: ‘Glad I Can Help a Little...’
A poignant letter from prison

Fall Into ONE:
The New Edition of the Magazine is Here

The September edition is out

Picture of the Day:
Remembering the Forgotten — and Spreading Joy

CNEWA reaches out to the vulnerable

A CNEWA Hero Becomes a Saint
Remembering Paul VI

Picture of the Day: The Face of Hope in India
A place for women to heal and grow

Healing the Wounds: CNEWA's Mission in the World
Bringing unity in today's troubled and divided world

#GivingTuesday and the Gift of Hope

See You in Maryland!
CNEWA hits the road again

From Canada, a Generous Gift for 'Healing, Near and Far'
A big donation from a Canadian fundraiser

Just in Time for Christmas: Here’s ONE
December edition of ONE is published

Picture of the Day:
‘Accompaniment,’ and Looking Toward the Future Together

On the idea of "accompaniment"

Pictures of the Day: Lights, Camera, Action
Salt & Light television visits CNEWA

Picture of the Day: A Broad View
CNEWA President Msgr. John E. Kozar pays a pastoral visit to the Cremisan Valley in the West Bank in December 2017.

Stories From the Field:
Breaking the Silence at Ephpheta

An update from the institute in Bethlehem

Addressing the ‘Challenges and Hopes’
of Christians in the Middle East

An important lecture next month in New York

Another ONE is Here!
Previewing the March edition of the magazine

CNEWA Again Earns Highest Rating from Charity Navigator

Big news from a respected charity watchdog

CNEWA Connections:
Fighting Fatigue, Finding Hope

Living the Christian message in an overwhelmed world

Prayers for Paris, as Notre Dame Burns

The Joy of Easter:
Finding Hope and Renewal in CNEWA's World

Some reflections from Msgr. Kozar on this season

CNEWA’s Msgr. Kozar Honored at Catholic Media Conference
The Catholic Press Association Thursday afternoon honored CNEWA’s President Msgr. John E. Kozar with the prestigious Bishop John England Award.

Picture of the Day: Sharing Stories
CNEWA’s president, Msgr. John E. Kozar, visits the Home of Faith in Kerala, India, which cares for children with disabilities. (photo: John E. Kozar/CNEWA)

‘Magazine of the Year’:
ONE Wins 27 Awards from Catholic Press Association

Big news from St. Petersburg

Stories From the Field:
Marking a Milestone in Jerusalem

CNEWA-Pontifical Mission's 70th anniversary in the Middle East

Emergency Flood Relief for Kerala, India
Diocese seeks help from CNEWA

CNEWA Connections: Where Charity and Love Prevail
Marking the International Day of Charity

Finding a Home — and Hope — in ONE
The new edition of the magazine is available online

Where the Church is Family
Helping people find a home of faith in a new land

Syria Update:
Praying for ‘Beloved and Tormented’ Syria

A message from Msgr. Kozar

Cardinal Dolan Announces Msgr. Peter Vaccari to Lead CNEWA
A transition in leadership

Page One: Headlines for 10/23/19
Stories of interest for the day

Picture of the Day:
Blessing the Family of Faith in Tel Aviv

The church as a family

CNEWA Hits the Road
Traveling to New Jersey this weekend

Picture of the Day: An Ethiopian Cardinal Calls
A visitor to CNEWA

Stories From the Field:
Preaching a Message of Hope in New Jersey

CNEWA makes a parish visit

CNEWA Connections: Hearing the Cry of the Poor
Marking World Day of the Poor

What Are You Thankful For?

On This #Giving Tuesday
Today marks #Giving Tuesday, an international day of charitable support.

from CNEWA Connections

In Memoriam Ato Feleke
(From CNEWA Connections February 2012)

How to Include CNEWA in Your Will
(From CNEWA Connections February 2012)

United in Prayer
(From CNEWA Connections AUGUST 2012)

On the Road
(From CNEWA Connections AUGUST 2012)

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(From CNEWA Connections SEPTEMBER 2012)

(From CNEWA Connections SEPTEMBER 2012)

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(From CNEWA Connections DECEMBER 2012)