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Report on the Lebanese Relief Program

The following table illustrates the distribution of post-war aid:

Description Number of items Villages Beneficiaries Amount spent US $
Provision of health care medical and hospitalization expenses All over Lebanon 25 needy persons 6,036.73
Provision of water tanks 306 tanks Ain Ebel, Debel, Yaroun, Klayaa, Baraashite and Safad el Battikh 306 houses 20,925.00
Provision of hygiene kits and transportation 300 boxes Tyre 300 families 4,366.00
Provision of electrical cables and accessories Yaroun and Ain Ebel 530 families 38,814.00
Provision of generators 2 generators Marjeyoun and Yaroun 430 students in 4 public schools and 80 families 46,415.00
Rehabilitation of Mar Maroun center one center Baissour 150 families 1,450.00
Provision of kitchen sets 50 sets Yaroun, Safad el Battikh and Baraashite 50 families 3,182.11
Provision of milk 672 cans South Lebanon
Beirut suburbs
672 children 5,298.00
Provision of underwear, socks and towels 244 packs Rmeich 244 children 1,800.00
Provision of equipment and furniture Btedy village and Ksara novitiate 45 children and 12 novices 7,246.00
Purchase of a ploughing machine (1st payment) Baraashite 60 families 3,018.00
Provision of school equipment and repair of damages 10 computers Klayaa 118 students 10,897.00
Total 149,447.84

IV. Recommendations

There remains a need to help displaced Christian families who have returned to their villages but continue to face difficulties. A priority should be assisting those families whose homes have been damaged, but not destroyed, for these families are being underserved. CNEWA-Pontifical Mission and local church officials are preparing a survey of these damages and will soon begin rehabilitation work.

Also, religious structures should be rebuilt and repaired. The Maronite Bishopric of Tyre and the Catholic Bishoprics of Tyre and Marjeyoun have provided detailed lists of damages to churches and church-related institutions. The Order of Malta has contributed some repair work, but much more needs to be done. The needs detailed by CNEWA-Pontifical Mission are the same priorities as outlined by the bishops of the South.

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