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Report on the Lebanese Relief Program

A breakdown of the distribution of aid can be found below:

Description Number of items Villages Beneficiaries Amount spent US $
Provision of food and hygiene kits 2150 boxes of food
1950 boxes of detergent
South Lebanon
Beirut suburbs
2150 families 92,697.00
Provision of health care Medical and hospitalization expenses All over Lebanon 40 needy persons 4,633.96
Provision of milk 1,608 cans South Lebanon
Beirut suburbs
1,608 children 12,168.00
Provision of diapers 1,885 packs South Lebanon
Beirut suburbs
1,885 children 4,720.00
Provision of water tank One (2,000 liters) Dbayeh 58 families 400.00
Provision of generator One (12,5 KVA) Qaa dispensary 2,000 families 3145.00
Total 117,763.96

Post-war relief
Following the ceasefire, CNEWA-Pontifical Mission has continued to assist those in need, coordinating with local church authorities.

1) CNEWA-Pontifical Mission has paid for medical assistance for 25 people affected by the war.

2) The agency purchased 306 water tanks for several South Lebanon villages, including Yaroun, Debel, Ain Ebel, Klayaa, Baraashite and Safad El Battikh.

3) The agency provided 300 hygiene kits to Christian families in Tyre.

4) The agency provided a 60 KVA generator and 4,000 litres of fuel for four public schools in Marjeyoun, which together serve 430 students. It also proved a 100 KVA generator to supply electricity to 80 war-damaged homes in Yaroun. CNEWA-Pontifical Mission also provided Ain Ebel and Yaroun with electrical cables and other accessories.

5) The agency rehabilitated Mar Maroun parish hall in Baissour.

6) The agency provided kitchen utensils to 50 families in Yaroun, Safad el Battikh and Baraashite.

7) The agency provided 672 cans of milk to 677 children in Rmeich, Deir El Ahmar, Fanar, Antelias and Beit Mery.

8) CNEWA-Pontifical Mission distributed 244 basic-needs packages, each containing a towel, 3 pairs of underwear and 3 pairs of socks, to children in Rmeich.

9) The agency provided furniture and kitchen supplies to the Notre Dame du Bon Service Novitiate in Ksara, which was damaged during the fighting. Additional furniture was provided to families in Btedy.

10) CNEWA-Pontifical Mission bought a ploughing machine for 60 families in Baraashite, who will use it to cultivate their melon and cereal crops.

11) The agency provided 10 computers and a central UPS for a high school in Klayya, run by Father Mansour Hokayem, which serves 118 Christian and Muslim students.

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