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Report on the Lebanese Relief Program

During the war, CNEWA-Pontifical Mission contributed to relief efforts at displacement centers in Metn, Kesserwan and Jbeil. After the ceasefire, the agency sent field officers to South Lebanon’s Christian villages, an area it has been working in since the Israeli withdrawal of 2000. CNEWA-Pontifical Mission coordinated its activities with the Maronite Bishopric of Tyre and the two Greek Catholic Bishoprics of Tyre and Marjeyoun. Bishops Chucrallah El Hajj, George Bacaouni and Antoine Hayek from the Maronite and the two Greek Catholic Bishoprics, respectively, appointed Fathers Charbel Abdallah, Marius Khairallah and Samir Khoury to organize the aid work.

On 4 September, the Assembly of Catholic Patriarchs and Bishops in Lebanon created a follow-up committee for relief work. The committee includes Bishops Roland Abou Jawde, Salim Ghazal, Chucrallah el Hajj and George Bacaouni and representatives from St. Vincent de Paul, the Middle East Council of Churches, Secretariat of Catholic schools, St. Joseph University, Caritas Lebanon, the Ministry of Social Affairs and CNEWA-Pontifical Mission.

The committee prepared a report on the damages to churches and church-related institutions, as well as to schools, homes, farms and businesses.

III. Implementation of Aid

CNEWA-Pontifical Mission received a total of US $267,211.85 for an emergency relief program from the following institutions: Missio Aachen, Missio München, the Archdiocese of Cologne, Kindermissionswerk, Church in Need, Kinderhilfe Bethlehem, Misereor, CNEWA and an anonymous source. The distribution of aid is outlined below:

Agency Amount in Euro Amount in US $
CNEWA (start up grant) 25,000.00
Anonymous 10,000.00 12,778.72
Missio Aachen 39,940.00 50,983.41
Kinderhilfe Bethlehem 25,000.00
Church in Need 40,000.00 51,200.00
Missio Munchen 19,956.00 25,543.68
Archdiocese of Cologne 20,000.00 25,600.00
Holy Childhood 19,975.00 25,508.08
Misereor 19,975.00 25,597.96
Total 267,211.85

Meanwhile, CNEWA-Pontifical Mission launched a fundraising campaign to cover the needs of the returning displaced. To date, $600,000 has been raised.

The initial program’s $267,211.85 has already been distributed as follows:

12 July – 14 August 2006
1) Initially, CNEWA-Pontifical Mission distributed supply packages of food and hygienic necessities to displaced families. In total, 2,150 boxes of food were distributed to families that fled to Metn, Kesserwan and Jbeil. Also, 1,950 boxes of detergent were distributed for washing needs.

2) Milk for children was in high demand. CNEWA-Pontifical Mission found suppliers and distributed the milk, coordinating with the Lebanese Red Cross. Altogether, 1,608 cans of milk and 1,885 packs of diapers were distributed.

3) CNEWA-Pontifical Mission also paid for the medical expenses of 40 of the displaced.

4) The agency purchased a 2,000-liter water tank and installed it in a Dbayeh school, where 58 families had sought refuge. The tank later will serve the children of the Dbayeh refugee camp.

5) The agency also purchased a 12.5 KVA generator for a medical dispensary in El Qaa, a Christian village near the Syrian border that was bombed during the war.

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