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Fact Sheet: CNEWA’s Assistance to Iraqis (1991–2002)

In addition, $37,240 took care of the medical needs of Iraqis seeking health care assistance at the clinic at the Italian Hospital in Amman.

1999. While life for the people returned to some degree of normality, health care remained a luxury. Our Amman office rushed $90,742 for medical supplies and medicines. In addition, $30,000 was given to Al Hayat Hospital in Baghdad for construction of a new wing.

The pastoral needs of the church – particularly as Christian emigration escalated – became more pressing. Grants totaling $238,343 were awarded for catechetical programs and church construction in Baghdad, Basra and Mosul. An additional $28,400 was reserved for the formation of priests and religious.

In Amman, the Latin bishop’s income-generating project for Iraqi refugees received a $27,690 grant.

2000. Al Hayat Hospital received $122,448 for medicines and medical supplies.The Armenian Catholic Archbishopric of Baghdad received $20,000 for its income-generating program.

Pastoral programs and projects of the churches, including the formation of priests and religious, totaled $198,067.

2001. From the Pontifical Mission’s Amman office, the Dominican Sisters of St. Catherine of Siena received $132,681 for medicines and medical supplies at Al Hayat Hospital. The sisters in Mosul received an emergency grant of $5,000 for needy families.

Pastoral projects and programs, totaling $204,700, included church renovations and formation of seminarians and religious.

2002. Health care remained a priority for the Pontifical Mission partners in Iraq, the Dominican Sisters of St. Catherine of Siena, as well as the local church. The Pontifical Mission’s Amman office gave $127,885 for supplies and medicines, including $13,000 for medicines in Mosul and $109,885 for medical equipment and medicines in Baghdad.

The pastoral work of all the churches in Iraq, Catholic and Orthodox, remained a priority in 2002. $172,542 supported various projects, including priestly formation, assistance to Orthodox parishes in Baghdad and catechetical equipment.

Grand total = $4,044,787.

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