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Our CNEWA family also supports education and faith formation. All the values that Jesus himself has taught us are lived out in the educational and catechetical programs we support. Some of my most vivid, most humbling experiences have included visiting with children who benefit from Catholic education or faith formation and seeing their interaction with one another, especially with children who do not share their faith tradition. Children who otherwise would be sworn enemies find new study pals in this Christian environment.

Despite their “smallness,” some of these Eastern churches are dynamic in their missionary outreach. Here in North America, and throughout the world, many dioceses have missionaries from the two Eastern churches in India — what Cardinal Dolan calls the “new Ireland.” As we continue to walk with them in their homeland, they bless us with their missionary zeal.

These are just a few of the many pastoral and humanitarian avenues of accompaniment that CNEWA undertakes. Please give thanks to God for the honor entrusted to our CNEWA family in walking with these Catholic Eastern churches. Your prayers and generous donations have sustained our efforts for these past 90 years. In humility we acknowledge that through our good works, we have helped to sustain many people in their faith, despite terrible odds.

But all the credit goes to Almighty God. Thank you, God, for the gift of faith and the honor you bestow on us. Please, God, continue to bless Catholic Near East Welfare Association.

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