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(from ONE December 2017)

Training Program in Ethiopia
Posted: 12 Dec 2017

Last year, the Rev. Misrak Tiyu of the Emdibir Eparchy in Ethiopia approached CNEWA with a pastoral plan that included training for catechists in the region that sprawls through much of southwest Ethiopia. Thanks to its generous donors, CNEWA is providing support for the program that, according to CNEWA’s regional director in Addis Ababa, Argaw Fantu, involves the training of nearly 70 catechists. During a recent visit, he noted, they were learning everything from how to share the Bible to how to teach the sacraments and basic Christian ethics.

Father Tiyu expressed his gratitude to CNEWA and pronounced the program a great success. “Without our unfailing supporters like CNEWA and its donors, our plans could hardly be implemented,” he said.

As one of the participants explained, “This is the greatest opportunity for us to be strong, well-prepared supporters of our priests, and to help lead our community.”

Father Tiyu assured Argaw Fantu of his prayers for CNEWA and its benefactors in his regular celebration of the Divine Liturgy.