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(from ONE September 2017)

Thanks From Ethiopia
Posted: 18 Sep 2017

Recently, our office in Ethiopia received this wonderful note of thanks from Berhanu Kebede, who attended the Kidane Mehret Catholic School in Dessie. The school receives support from CNEWA’s generous benefactors.

Mr. Kebede wanted us to know that after graduating from the school, he went on to a university, where he received a degree in medical laboratory science. He is now an lecturer at a nearby college.

“I am doing my best to help my family as I can,” he writes. “I am going to visit Kidane Mehret School and try to motivate the students [by] telling my experience. I want to thank my school, teachers and all staffs, and all the benefactors who supported me from the beginning.”

We can only echo his words of gratitude to all our generous supporters who are improving the lives of so many around the world.