ONE is the official publication of CNEWA. A bimonthly magazine published in English and German, ONE introduces its readers to the rich heritage and culture of the Middle East, Northeast Africa, India and Eastern Europe, emphasizing not what divides but what unites. It is all about one God, one world, one family and one church.

Spring 2013


Cover Story
“Let Us Be Protectors!”
Pope Francis charts a course of unity and charity

The Men Who Stayed
Egypt’s Copts hang on and hope
text by Sarah Topol; photographs by David Degner

Crossing the Border
Syrians seek refuge in Lebanon
text by Don Duncan; photographs by Tamara Hadi

The Promise of Palestine
How youth programs build minds, bodies and spirits
by Diane Handal

Out of Iraq
Families make a new home in Jordan
by Cory Eldridge

Hebrew Spoken Here
Inside Israel’s Hebrew-speaking Catholic community
by Michele Chabin

Updates from the world of CNEWA

Catholic in Cairo
by Sarah Topol

Sister Soldiers
by John E. Kozar

From the Editors