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ONE Wins Again

28 Jun 2011 – ONE magazine received 10 awards from the Catholic Press Association of the United States and Canada. This year, judges were selected from the schools of journalism at Marquette and Loyola (Chicago) universities.

Below is a list of the awards, divided by award class, with judges comments in quotes.

Magazine Class Awards

First Place

Second Place

  • Best Multiple Picture Package (all magazines)
    Forging a New Detroit,” by Fabrizio Costantini; “Rain Rich, Water Poor” and “Fearless Grace” by Peter Lemieux
    “Very nice photographs ... layouts.”
  • Best Online/Multimedia Presentation of Visuals (all magazines)
    Water Woes” by Peter Lemieux and Erin Edwards
    “A compelling online slideshow ... While not always easy to do, this piece is outstanding. Photographs are brilliant. Excellent story construction and pacing make this a winner.”
  • General Excellence (Mission Magazines)
    July, September, November editions
    “Impressive layouts with intelligent coverage. Strong, in depth analysis and profiles that are nearly impossible to quit reading.”

Third Place

  • Best Online/Multimedia Presentation of Visuals (all magazines)
    Lebanese Youth in Brooklyn” by Erin Edwards
    “A compelling story told with an absolutely beautiful audio slideshow...done so well in construction. Beautiful photography is one of the highlights of this piece. The photographer tells the story by composing photographs that provide a 360 degree prospect.”

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