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Report on Christian institutions in Gaza

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If you would like to contribute to any of the institutions mentioned in the above document which is also listed below, you can contact the Pontifical Mission-Jerusalem for further information and/or requests for concrete proposals.

Institution: Proposed project:
Near East Council of Churches (NECC) a. Support the cash assistance program for needy Gaza families
b. Support the vocational training program and temporary employment opportunities for 50 VTC students
c. Support the vocational training program and 50 ex-university graduates
Al-Ahli Arab Hospital, Gaza City Hire local medical personnel to increase the services at the hospital and reach its full capacity
Myrrh Bearers Greek Orthodox Society Support the society’s dressmaking project that supports Christian institutions in Gaza
YMCA Help rehabilitate the children’s playground, re-establish the damaged library or support youth activities
Holy Family School Help support youth activities and cultural activities, scout troop formation, and sports teams for Christian youth.
Gaza Municipality Help establish a municipal public park for the people of Gaza
Rosary Sisters School Help the school build a multipurpose hall for various activities on school property located adjacent to the school, which will help bring the school closer to establishing the 11th and 12th grade levels.
Greek Orthodox Cultural Center and Scout Troop Help the Greek Orthodox society establish a cultural center to complete the construction work as well as furnish and equip the center.

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