Current Issue
September, 2018
Volume 44, Number 3
28 February 2018
CNEWA staff

The new Day Care Center run by Caritas Georgia, and supported by CNEWA, is teeming with activity.
(photo: Caritas Georgia)

Last week we received a brief update from our friends at Caritas Georgia, describing activities at their recently dedicated Day Care Center. (You may remember we posted about this event last year.) The winter has brought snow to Eshtia, Georgia, but in many other ways, it feels like a new springtime. Read on.

Greetings from Caritas Georgia!

After equipping the Center with all the necessary equipment, furniture and computers, in February 2018 we hired the Center staff.

Freshly fallen snow covers the ground around the new Day Care Center at Caritas Georgia, in the village of Eshtia. (photo: Caritas Georgia)

Currently we have 116 children registered in the Center, with seven project staff supervising them. Total number of project staff is 7. We also have a vocational workshop of weaving and felt. The girls from the village attend the Caritas Georgia Art Therapy Studio project, developing important job skills.

The children attend various classes:

  • Drama and Dance — 62 children
  • Georgian and English Language — 116
  • Computer class — 24
  • Music and singing — 25

On Sundays the children attend the catechism class led by Father Anton Antonyan.

We invite you to read more Caritas Georgia in A Letter From Georgia in the Winter 2016 edition of ONE.

Learning the Lord’s Prayer at the Day Care Center. (photo: Caritas Georgia)