Current Issue
September, 2018
Volume 44, Number 3
11 July 2018
Greg Kandra

Naveen Patnaik (center), the chief minister of India's Odisha state, is pictured with Divine Word Archbishop John Barwa of Cuttack-Bhubaneswar (right) and Bishop Theodore Mascarenhas, secretary-general of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of India, on 2 July. The men discussed launching a state-of-the-art health care facility. (photo:

Muslim leader issues fatwa over land transfer in Jerusalem (The Jerusalem Post) The Palestinian mufti of Jerusalem, Sheikh Muhammad Hussein, on Tuesday issued a new fatwa (Islamic religious decree) banning Muslims from “facilitating the transfer of ownership of any part of Jerusalem or the land of Palestine to the enemies…”

India may work with Catholic Church to build health facility ( The Indian state of Odisha has proposed working with the Catholic Church to launch a state-of-the-art health facility in impoverished Kandhamal district, where anti-Christian violence claimed 100 lives a decade ago. State Health Minister Pratap Jena said the government was open to collaborating with Cuttack-Bhubaneswar Archdiocese or other church bodies to set up a hospital in the district, where maternal and infant morality rates are among the highest in India…

Gaza fighters fear war is inevitable (The Independent) Under the camouflage of an olive grove in Gaza, Abu Khalid prepares his brigade for a war he says is inevitable, but that he doesn’t want. The commander’s male and female fighters, in military fatigues and balaclavas, creep through the undergrowth clutching Kalashnikovs. Above them the Israeli surveillance drones circle with a persistent mosquito whine…

Middle East Christians dwindling despite deep roots (AFP) Christians have been rooted in the Middle East as minority communities since the birth of the religion, but their numbers are dwindling amid conflict and jihadist attacks. Today they make up only four percent of the region’s population, down from 20 percent before the First World War, Cardinal Kurt Koch, president of the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity, said this month…

World Council of Churches hails peace agreement between Ethiopia and Eritrea ( After the leaders of Ethiopia and Eritrea signed a declaration saying that the long-standing war between the two countries is over, World Council of Churches general secretary Rev. Olav Fykse Tveit hailed the agreement as opening a new door for peace in the region…

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10 July 2018
Greg Kandra

In Zahleh, Lebanon, refugees pass the time, awaiting the chance to either return home or settle abroad. (photo: John E. Kozar)Caption

In the current edition of ONE, CNEWA’s president Msgr. John E. Kozar writes about some of the inspiring ways that CNEWA evangelizes:

The good works of the church, which form a major plank in the platform of evangelization, give witness of how Jesus would have us live and how he would have us respond to the needs of others. The recipients of these works often recognize there is something unique about what we do, and especially why we do it. Unlike governmental or secular programs of aid, the church — and CNEWA accompanying her — reaches out to those in need because we are compelled in faith to do so.

We exercise our baptismal mandate to live the Gospel of Jesus and to share his Good News with everyone. To be more concrete: CNEWA supports, through your generous contributions, many clinics and dispensaries, which serve everyone in need. Oftentimes these people are welcomed, embraced and tended to by the loving care of religious sisters and devoted lay associates.

For some patients, of whatever religious background or faith, this might be the only expression of love and human dignity they experience. And whether spoken or unspoken, it is done in the name of Jesus.

Read more in the magazine. And watch the video below for additional insight.

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10 July 2018
Greg Kandra

During a June visit to Lebanon, a contingent of U.S. bishops met with Orthodox Patriarch John X of Antioch and all the East. Pictured with the patriarch are Maronite Bishop Gregory J. Mansour of Brooklyn, N.Y., Archbishop Timothy P. Broglio of the U.S. Archdiocese for the Military Services, Archbishop Samuel J. Aquila of Denver, Bishop A. Elias Zaidan of the Eparchy of Our Lady of Lebanon of Los Angeles and Bishop Oscar A. Solis of Salt Lake City. (photo: CNS/courtesy Bishop Solis)

India’s Latin-rite bishops reflect on the ‘mission of the Church’ (Vatican News) Twenty-five Catholic bishops from all over India last week came together in the country’s commercial capital, Mumbai, to take a closer look at the Church’s core mission in the country, AsiaNews reported. The 2-7 July “Bishops’ Joint Reflection Program” was the initiative of Conference of Catholic Bishops’ of India (CCBI), the official body of the country’s Latin-rite bishops, one of the three rites that make up the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of India (CBCI), the nation’s apex Catholic bishops’ body…

Hearing refugees’ stories in Lebanon heart-wrenching for bishop (CNS) During a visit to Lebanon, Bishop Oscar A. Solis of Salt Lake City saw the contrast between building bridges and constructing walls to deal with differences of religion. In recent years, Lebanon has struggled to provide services for 2 million migrants and refugees fleeing conflict and persecution in their homelands. Religiously, the country is predominantly Catholic and Muslim; the Maronite Catholic rite was founded near Mount Lebanon in the late fourth century. ”If you just listen to the radio or watch the news on TV, you don’t really get the exact picture” of what life is like in that part of the world, Solis said…

Anti-terrorism purge continues in Turkey (Vatican News) Over the last two-years, thousands of soldiers and officers have been purged from the military. Now, under the latest decree, published on Sunday, 18,632 people, including 6,000 members of the military, 9,000 police officers, and hundreds of teachers and academics have been dismissed from their jobs. Their passports will also be cancelled…

New Franciscan museum in Jerusalem shows life in Jesus’ time (AP) Jerusalem’s Franciscan friars have opened a new museum filled with artifacts related to daily life in Jesus’ time. The Terra Sancta Museum’s new wing, built into the ruined remains of Crusader and Mamluk buildings along the Via Dolorosa in the Old City, showcases objects discovered in excavations at biblical sites over the past century…

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9 July 2018
Greg Kandra

Sister Darsana chats with residents while completing her rounds at The Trippadam Psychosocial Rehabilitation Center for Women in northern Kerala. The Bethany Sisters are doing remarkable and inspiring work with forgotten and abandoned women. Learn how they have created A Refuge to Mend and Grow in the June 2018 edition of ONE. (photo: Meenakshi Soman)

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9 July 2018
Greg Kandra

Pope Francis attends an encounter with Catholic and Orthodox leaders on the waterfront in Bari, Italy, on 7 July. The pope met leaders of Christian churches in the Middle East for an ecumenical day of prayer for peace in the region. (photo: CNS/Vatican Media)

In Bari, Pope prays that ’art of encounter’ will prevail in Middle East (Vatican News) Pope Francis addressed the faithful gathered in the square outside of the Basilica of St Nicholas, in the Italian city of Bari, on Saturday after meeting with Catholic and Orthodox leaders. He reflected on the Middle Eastern origins of the Christian tradition, and of the commitment undertaken by the religious leaders to walk, pray, and work together “in the hope that the art of encounter will prevail over strategies of conflict”…

Pope thankful for ecumenical visit to Bari (Vatican News) Pope Francis on Sunday expressed his appreciation for his visit a day before to the Italian city of Bari, where he prayed for peace in the Middle East. The Pope was accompanied during this “special day of prayer and peace in that region” by Patriarchs of Churches of the Middle East and their representatives...

Russia plans evacuation from Syria (Reuters) The Russian military plans to evacuate up to 1,000 people from the south-western de-escalation zone in Syria via a humanitarian corridor near city of Daraa, Interfax news agency reported on Monday, citing Russia’s Centre for Reconciliation in Syria. People will be evacuated to Syria’s northern Idlib province, the center said, Interfax reported…

Russian Orthodox Church, Vatican team up to rebuild sites in Syria (TASS) The Russian Orthodox and Roman Catholic Churches have begun implementing a plan aimed at reconstruction of Christian churches and monasteries destroyed during the years of Syrian war, Metropolitan Hilarion of Volokolamsk, the chairman of the Department of External Relations of the Russian Orthodox Church, told TASS on Saturday…

‘Donor fatigue’ among threats to Iraqi Christian refugees in Jordan (America Magazine) Although the war against the Islamic State is drawing to a close, thousands of Christian families from Iraq remain displaced in neighboring Jordan, where the Christian community is struggling through “embassy and donor fatigue” to provide basic pastoral and material services to Iraqi refugees. The Catholic Near East Welfare Association, a papal agency, provides food aid and sponsors educational programs for these refugees in Amman, the capital of Jordan. In a country already coping with millions of Syrian and Palestinian refugees, however, many Iraqi Christians wish to permanently resettle elsewhere…

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6 July 2018
Greg Kandra

This week, we offer a poignant interview with CNEWA’s president, Msgr. John E. Kozar, as he reflects on CNEWA’s outreach to children in need.

In a world where hunger, poverty and war are affecting more children — and where migration and displacement are continuing to impact more lives — CNEWA’s mission of love and compassion needs to be remembered and supported. Please keep our work in your prayers.

This video was first produced in 2013, but its message remains as timely and as urgent as ever.

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6 July 2018
Greg Kandra

In Armenia, the Emili Aregak Center provides personalized support and resources for young people, such as this child, with disabilities in and near Gyumri. How does the center do it? Read about A Source of Light in Armenia in the current edition of ONE. (photo: Nazik Armenakyan)

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6 July 2018
Greg Kandra

Pope Francis celebrated Mass at St. Peter's Basilica on Friday to mark the 5th anniversary of his visit to the Italian island of Lampedusa. (photo: Vatican Media)

Pope urges open hearts, doors toward supporting refugees (Vatican News) Pope Francis on Friday mourned the refugees and migrants lost at sea and reminded the world that their blood cries out to the conscience of each one of us. The response to the Lord’s appeal, “Where is your brother? His blood cries out to me”, “even if at times generous, has not been enough, and we continue to grieve thousands of deaths,” the Pope said during the 6 July Mass in Rome’s St. Peter’s Basilica to commemorate the 5th anniversary of his 8 July 2013 visit to the tiny Italian island of Lampedusa…

Church mourns passing of Cardinal Jean-Louis Tauran (Vatican News) Created and proclaimed Cardinal by St. John Paul II in the Consistory of 21 October 2003, Cardinal Jean-Louis Tauran was known to the world for his tireless work to promote peace through inter-religious dialogue. He became a familiar figure also for having announced to the world the election of Pope Francis on 13 March 2013 from the balcony of St. Peter’s Basilica. Tauran, who was currently President of the Pontifical Council for Inter-religious Dialogue and Camerlengo of the Holy Roman Church, died in the United States where he was receiving treatment for Parkinson’s disease which had afflicted him for many years…

Thousands flee ’earth-shattering’ bombs in Syria (Al Jazeera) Thousands of Syrians from a string of rebel-held towns in eastern Deraa have fled to an area overlooking the Jordanian border, as President Bashar al-Assad and his allies press on with their offensive to capture southwest Syria…

Christian families expelled from eastern India (Crux) Several Christian families have been assaulted and expelled from their village by local extremists for refusing to renounce their faith, drawing protest from an American group who says the attack violates the families’ rights under Indian law…

The day a 1,500-year-old Byzantine church was unearthed in Turkey (Aleteia) It was in February 2016 that archaeologists unearthed a unique rock-carved underground church in Nevsehir, in the central Turkish region of Cappadocia. The church was decorated with never before seen frescoes depicting Jesus’ Ascension, the Final Judgment, Jesus feeding the multitudes, and portraits of saints and prophets…

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5 July 2018
Greg Kandra

Sister Martyna of the Sisters Servants of Mary Immaculate teaches in Zbarazh, outside Lviv. Learn more about how these religious sisters are Giving 200 Percent in the new edition of ONE. (photo: Ivan Chernichkin)

Tags: Ukraine Sisters Vocations (religious)

5 July 2018
Greg Kandra

Pope Francis meets with Major Archbishop Sviatoslav Shevchuk at the Vatican. (photo: Vatican Media)

Pope meets with head of Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church (Vatican News) Pope Francis met on Tuesday with the Father and Head of the Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church (UGCC), Major Archbishop Sviatoslav Shevchuk, on the occasion of the 1030th anniversary of the baptism of Rus’-Ukraine. During the audience, Major Archbishop Sviatoslav drew attention to the UGCC’s relations with the other churches that are “heirs to the Baptism by Saint Volodomyr.” Speaking of the Orthodox Churches in Ukraine, his Beatitude spoke of the “painful reality” of divisions. He emphasized that, although the UGCC looks positively on efforts to overcome division, it nonetheless considers such matters internal to the Orthodox Churches, insisting that the UGCC never interferes in or takes part in such efforts…

Syria bombardment resumes after cease fire breaks down (Al Jazeera) The Syrian government and its closest military ally — Russia — have intensified their bombing campaign in the southern province of Deraa, after ceasefire deal between rebels and Russians broke down on Wednesday. Al Jazeera’s Zeina Khodr, reporting from Beirut, said that had airstrikes intensified on Thursday as government troops advanced steadily to recapture lost territory…

Another pope to celebrate liturgy in Rome: Tawadros (Crux) On Friday, the second largest church in Rome will be hosting a papal liturgy, though this time it won’t be the usual suspect celebrating. Tawadros II, the Pope of Alexandria, Egypt, and Patriarch of the See of St. Mark will be officiating at a service for the growing community of Copt-Orthodox Christians in the eternal city…

Wireless in Gaza: kids making code, not war (The Guardian) Tight restrictions on the movement of goods and, vitally, people, have been the death of much industry here. But Gaza’s first coding academy hopes its hi-tech business model — which operates in the virtual rather than real world — will be somewhat immune to physical barriers to trade. ”That’s the reason we started this. It ignores boundaries,” says 31-year-old Ghada Ibrahim, who was in the first class of coders, which started a year ago. The blockade is a huge factor. It’s a reason why we have a lot of people who have come to sign up…”

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